December 05, 2011


The 6th Graders in Mrs G's class were treated to a special presentation today from Ashton - It included a a few stories, a black bean snack, a handmade souvenir for each of them, and even a 6 minute slide show!  (Compiled VERY late last night by a patient BigBro SeanMarco, complete w/ wonderful Gaby Moreno background music).  

Click HERE, then click on the play button : )   

(let me know if it works - post a comment or some such thing, k?)

December 03, 2011


Hooray!  I finally had a chance to find the first photos we took the day we left! (...beginning at the Provo gas station when we happened to see a friend).

I'm pretty sure that for most of us, leaving Provo, getting to the airport, and actually taking flight felt a little like Christmas...  that same magic or "pinch me i must be dreaming" kind of a feeling... 
And right from the 'get-go', of course MY first big thrill was watching ASHTON admire all aspects of aviation more avidly than ever before, and as a participant this time - for reals!
It was a day full of fantastic firsts for him, even down to dabbling in digital photography!  
As soon as we boarded, K & I smiled again as we discovered that his window seat gave him a perfect view of the wing, 'up close and personal'!  He asked for my camera right away and proceeded to silently and confidently capture shots of the various positions of the flaps during both our take off in SLC and our landing in Houston... 
I know for years to come, whenever i see any of these 1st day photos of him or taken by him, it'll bring back this same fun feeling of satisfaction for me.  It's also fun to think about what memories he'll end up having of all these experiences, once he's grown! 

As for today, here are only 3 from that bundle of firsts...  



December 01, 2011

December advent of PHOTOS...

Like baby birds in the nest... patiently waiting for parents to come right back and drop food in their mouths - or at least point to which restaurant we chose!

November 30, 2011


We actually DID IT!

And doing it was even MORE incredible and significant than I had hoped or imagined...

I've been really sick since we've been home, w/ one difficult ailment after another that have drained me from top & bottom :) Yet my heart & mind are still very FULL!

There is SO much I want to share and describe, yet how can I do it justice? Kind of like trying to adequately write about ANY other high level joy experience in this life that exceeds your prior expectations... Right??

However, strange as it may seem, ha ha- i DO have some fun stories, not to mention a few great photos to share! And by a 'few' i mean a combined total of a few THOUSAND!!!!!
(Not counting most of Ben's nor Calvin's that we haven't even seen yet).
Nope, I guess I'll be lucky to show & tell 3!!!
But FIRST, let me just get LESS sick and MORE computer turns...

Now it must be time for that MacBook-of-My-Own Miracle Dream to come true, R I G H T ??

November 11, 2011


ELEVEN bits of HEAVEN today:

  1. Woke feeling SO grateful for DAD and every other VETERAN who has served and sacrificed to help preserve our country and families... and SO grateful that we choose to observe a National Holiday in their honor... and SO grateful federal offices are CLOSED today - especially MINE  : )
  2. LOVED the priceless photo Olivia sent me via text at 10 this morning - pure JOY!!!
  3. Actually had the RARE pleasure of being home ALONE at 11:11 AM, and even began this POST while running laundry!  Total DELIGHT!
  4. So GLAD to find a way to get what cousin Aby mentioned we could bring him - Had K & Cal stop at REI in SLC for cycling pants on drive home from Centerville mid-day.  So GLAD I asked Aby to think of something - He won me over right away years ago - he is sharp and thoughtful with a 'heart-of-gold', and he'll be hosting and playing with us next week - bless him and his family! 
  5. Helped move last chunk of stuff to CLEAR a spot in garage large enough for a CAR (of all things), and helped CARmen park one in it!  CHECK!
  6. Planted an AMAZING old die-hard amaryllis bulb K found in same garage - (its new sprouts are bout 4 inches high).   
  7. ATE at J-Dawg's, after dropping J back at BYU - even thought to use StudentSaverCard for FREE AppleBeer!  (haven't had either in forever - glad K thought of stopping - they 'hit the spot' YUM!
  8. Had FUN cleaning up neglected stuff on front porch w/ Maya, (got rid of spiders and worked hard while the sun was shining) - then rewarded ourselves w/ a quick trip to Bath & BodyWorks for lotion she's been wanting since her Oct bday!  20 minute lotion FEST - and nice little gifts for other cool Guate relatives ~ CHECK!
  9. ADORED SeanBoy as he prepared for PROPOSAL to happy Hannah this evening… YES, he pulled off his superb SURPRISE with a little help from his friends, family, future in-laws, and Steve Jobs, of course : )  (He gave her a sealed iPhone box that actually contained a ring box inside - MORE fun stories to tell).
  10. RAN to Target w/ J to get bday present for Car (for Sunday) and 11 little foods/drinks to enjoy at 11:11 tonight ~ by all who were home and awake!
  11. Continued celebrating after midnight when the officially engaged ones stopped by so we could gather all around them and hear about their fun evening.

Heavenly 11-11-11

November 06, 2011

tiny MIRACLES - (part 3, al fin)

The start of this post has been saved in my 'drafts' since Oct 16th! ...I guess John Lennon was right - Life really IS what happens when we're busy making other plans!

When Calvin returned from London last April, so did my GuateTrip DREAM - but as usual, that's ALL it was.

By MAY, once Knudsen's got here with newborn GRANDson to meet Grumpa and the gang - and complete our long-awaited reunion, I was just grateful and delighted to have ALL my kids together again - ANYWHERE - it didn't matter that we couldn't afford to travel anywhere!  

Then soon into June, the first of many little planets came into alignment...  
  • K & I shared a rare GreatDate night - You know, the kind most women love, when 'SignificantOther' happens to unexpectedly take charge with even a simple general plan - but with YOU in mind!... After a casual delicious dinner, he invited me for a walk so we could continue the important conversation we happened to be having.  Before we knew it we were seriously exploring WHAT it would take to actually $ave enough over 1 to 2 years for THAT trip... one we both knew i would NEVER let him hear the end of - if we did not take. (10K? - if airfare alone could be 7K?)  ...Maybe he lovingly thought I just needed to see for myself how impossible it would be to pull off any time soon.  (Backfire alert!)  Actually, as we talked, it occurred to me that i could legitimately explain how 5 of 10 plane tickets could be paid for without any debt!  (3 from amounts I'd saved over the yrs for youngest 3 + 2 that kids w/ jobs could pay for themselves)  I instantly saw the glass half FULL!! - Instead of fighting back tears of bitter pill swallowing, i was full of HOPE!  In that moment I really did become 'fixed in my mind with a determined resolution'...  And although i knew he didn't completely share my enthusiasm, I knew he could not reasonably shoot me down either - nor ONLY focus on the glass half empty : )
  • 2 days later for FHE we talked with the 6 living at home and told them about our productive discussion.  We wrote down amounts we had, clearly went over our current income and expenses, then asked them what they thought about it all.  Together we chose to set a goal and make a plan.  Together they came up with ideas for spending less and saving more.
  • During the entire summer and fall they have willingly made numerous sacrifices: No end of summer 'get away' before school, total bare bones birthdays & back-to-school needs, Zero movie theaters, zero nice meals out as a family, zero LazarTag party for Ash, zero drywall repair nor dishwasher repair... to name a few.
  • NO lie - As soon as I looked up flights and determined a price per person to plan for, I happened to get an unexpected bonus from work during this very tight federal budget year the exact amount I'd need for my own ticket.  BAM - SIX of 10 flights accounted for! ... (if we could possibly go before Jan 30, 2012, GRANDson could fly FREE - so 8 kids + 2 parents = 10)
  • In this unique era of NO yearly raises (a first), continued hiring freezes, and next to NO usual overtime, suddenly my manager called me in at the end of July to tell me of an Agency-wide critical "Special Project" (total first of its kind) that could only be worked on Saturdays - Overtime ($50 hr) right away - for 8 weeks in a row up to 8 hrs each time (instead of long-standing 5 hr max for Sat OT) - For which they needed one consistent leader to organize & oversee the challenging project, and wanted it to be me it if i was interested...  And it was a HUGE challenge - Yet a 'Tender Mercy' to the tune of over $3000.
  • AUG 6th: First of the 8 Saturdays... A random conversation with a coworker while we prepared project packets resulted in a GOOD job offer for same 'Significant Other' by mid Aug... after 18 months of 'Thanks But No Thanks' letters in this tough economy.  After passing their numerous levels of security over the past 2+ months, he's finally hopeful that tomorrow's hiring hoop will be one of the last - for real, and that maybe they'll be ready for him to begin as soon as we return! (?)
  • I'm out of writing time... but must mention the major miracle of final pricing on the flights - thanks to Continental GroupWorks (for 10 or more)... final pmt was due 10/13 - actual rates of taxes came in much lower than original estimate... so:  $400 each - not $675 as we were anticipating per quote last August when we began our contract w/ them.

We've also had a hefty share of opposition and set backs over the past 6 months... but they are very minor when compared with ALL we have to be THANKFUL for!!  I am continually moved to tears by the beauty of my blessings!

(Now if i could just figure out how to convert this tiff photo to a jpeg - i could insert this classic photo of Oli in Guate in '92 that looks like it's straight off a classic tourism brochure cover - Sean, HELP? :)

*post edit: You're Welcome, Mom —NotSean, but your other tech-savvy child.

October 13, 2011

Part 2

'reunited and it feels so good'
Before Part 2, i just want to say:
I am SO so glad we have these family photos!  I've been wanting to post this one since Ashley took it... After all, it's the follow up of those ones down at the very bottom of blog from Sept '06 when Olivia left, Sept '07 when Sean left, & Apr '09 when Calvin left... 
I wanted to put this one of us w/ willows and mtns background in the header of the blog, but couldn't get it how i wanted - and Sean was gone this eve, or here but preoccupied with getting an iPhone 4s after midnight tonight.  Hence, my header redo with Playmobil PERSONIFIED -- (Carmen put those together back when O was expecting Cohen).
OK, so back to my story...
SPRING BREAK 2006:  Gracious Tara Kim came to my rescue!  She encouraged us to come visit them in Palo Alto - making it possible for us to actually GO somewhere while kids were out of school... Our main MUST DO's were:  ( listed by importance : )
  • IKEA   (a yr prior to Draper opening)   -bunk bed shopping, & just Swedish on a shoestring fun
  • Monterrey Bay Aquarium   -amazing, unforgettable, all day wonder
  • A classic day in 'The CITY'  -golden gate bridge & park, crab louie's and lobster on the wharf
  • San Gregorio beach   -took my UT-Youngins to the ocean, by golly, even on a windy rainy April day - and i didn't even lose my Robert's of Woodside lunch on that curvy drive to get there!
We had a wonderful week!  (except for Winnemucca - it was the worst!)  Brig, Tara, & Beckstead's were the BEST!   (can't believe i didn't think to call Gret that time - hello! - so so so dumb)   

But wait - the REAL meaningful point of my story here is to share something else we did while we were there - one of those 'no brainer' kind of things, yet totally unplanned... very worthy of mentioning here in my late weeknight blog post (for which i will pay dearly tomorrow).
 As we were heading into the City we happened to stop for gas right in the heart of my childhood 'stomping grounds' - (the Shell on Sand Hill Rd in Sharon Heights).  In that moment, as I was hit over the head by a flood of memories, it finally occurred to me that my kids might want to see where i grew up - duh!  (I suddenly remembered how much I LOVED visiting Newport, Oregon the summer after my mission, and seeing my mom's house, etc).  
We stuck with our original San Francisco plan for the day, but went back to my neighborhood the following day.  We went to the 2 homes i lived in, to my schools and church, to Sharon Heights pond and downtown Menlo Park, etc... They were fascinated; it meant a lot to them!

Since that day I have felt even MORE strongly about the importance of taking them to Guatemala.  Before then i always wished we could go again* and thought it would be so fun - but since then it has been an ache inside me... knowing i MUST find a way - even against all odds!  But even when we were both working, a trip like this made little sen$e - logically or financially... Especially to 'Mr. Practical' - who has viewed the expense as unwise and irresponsible... How can anyone overcome those valid objections?

However, I've learned over and over in my life that when i set out to do something that i really WANT to do, and KNOW is right & good -- it will HAPPEN -- (in this case, a month from today) -because incredible things come together sometimes, in ways i never could have imagined...

I'll attempt to share a quick bullet list of some of them for Part 3! 

* The only other time we've gone was in July 1992 when #4 of 7 (Josie) was 6 months old - Cal was 3, Sean 4.5, & Olivia was 7.  We drove down w/ Mama Jose & Papa Moises, stayed 2 weeks, LOVED it, and have dreamed of going back ever since.

October 11, 2011

Once Upon A Time... (Part 1)

When the good King of this castle was still a tender young Prince of 11 yrs old, (1971) his entire royal family embarked on a memorable journey.  One for which they had prepared, saved, and sacrificed for the previous 4 years.  The 10 of them were part of about 5 busloads of families from the San Marcos / Quetzaltenango area to travel together that year, because of their faith - Just as busloads had done each year for a few years before and after.  

They traveled 4-5 days each way to the nearest LDS temple at that time - in Mesa, Arizona.  
Mama Josefina & Papa Moises were eager to solidify their love & faith and be blessed with added strength and protection for themselves and for their posterity.  As soon as they were sealed, their joy continued to expand as their children entered that beautiful room, knelt with them, and formed a complete circle.  While grasping each other's hands, a kind man with special permission gave them a blessing, which sealed and bound them together permanently.  
I can only imagine the sacred memories those busloads of families still have.  I am amazed by everything i've heard through the years about the journey itself, and the organization of equally faithful people that served those busloads along their way each year.  They would travel all day and stop each night at an LDS Chapel (In MX and AZ) - where local members would serve them dinner and breakfast the following morning.  The travelers slept on cots, etc set up for them in their Cultural Halls.

KoKing remembers finally getting to Mexico City (maybe half way?) and talking with others about how great it would be if there could be a temple in Mexico some day!! - (Then they'd BE there already!)
Back then the Mexican government had ultimate rights to ALL buildings in the country, regardless of private ownership or use.  Those Guatemalans knew that a sacred temple up and running in Mexico would require many miracles!

5 years later in April 1976, the Church first announced plans for a temple in Mexico.  They broke ground on it the end of '79 and dedicated the Mexico City temple Dec of '83 - the same month the King & I were married/sealed in the Salt Lake temple.

Only a year later the Guatemala City temple was dedicated, about a 5 hour (?) bus ride from San Marcos & 'Xela' (pronounced like "Shay-la") - Hey, somebody should tell President Monson that its common indigenous name is much easier to spell! :)

On 12/16/2006, (our 23rd anniversary), less than 3 months after Olivia left on her mission and more than 3 yrs after Mama Jose passed away, the Church announced the building of the Xela temple!!  We were muy amazed, excited, and grateful!  Who on those yearly bus trips could have imagined that this could happen in their lifetime??

I immediately began dreaming about how cool it would be for us to go to Guate together when it was finished.  Soon the Church News ran a great article about it and the wonderful members in that area of the world.  We had it stuck to our fridge for months and months.  I kept asking relatives and wondering when it would be ready... and kept hoping it would take long enough for first Sean and then Calvin to return!! ...
Then, not long after Sean returned, (Nov 2009) after 16+ years with the same employer, the State of UT had no more money to renew the yearly grant that funded the King's job... And because he'd been with the state so long, he was the highest paid of the handful of those helping disabled individuals return to the workforce, so HIS position was cut.
Needless-to-say, so was my DREAM of a Xela Temple/Guate Family Reunion Trip ...    

...But 'stay tuned for scenes from our next episode' of 'Days of Our Lives'...

September 25, 2011

Ah... SEPTEMBER in 'PTown'

Like any other human being that has ever lived in or around Provo in any September of their life,
I LOVE living here this time of year!!  
September is just plain wonderful here and all over the 'Wasatch Front. And as usual, these past 4 weeks have flown by way TOO fast! no? 
A few of the joys that energize my mood every year are: The great weather, the bold colors on Squaw Peak and in the valley, Allred's peaches & apples, the surge of fun fall bustle, AND the great weather!  
Each short-lived fall becomes even more precious after having endured many many January's & February's in PTown... So for now, I'll SAVOR SEPTEMBER for any moment i still can!

This perfect Provo sunset - was captured by cool nephew, in almost Sept - so 'September Eve" 2008 (8-23) at 10:30 PM, on the occasion of Ben & Olivia's wedding celebration at the cherished Knudsen's cherished family home... ahh

August 23, 2011

"Fill our brains with lots of facts - Our first day of SCHOOL"

my baby girl's a bulldog!
Hey Skitza, look at the PHS SENIOR!
6th Grade

Mr. Caboose hits the BigTime
A rare PopTart works for fancy celebration, right? 
Bring it on - PHS!


August 14, 2011

WAIT! Only ONE more week of Summer!? Crazy.

This past week has been packed with incredible 'writing prompts' for me... yet little time to write about them, of course. But I've even got a good hiking analogy in my head this time - to describe the ongoing personal challenges I've had to work through for many many months prior to the more recent milestone of feeling 'inner peace' in spite of them... then tie all that stuff to the simple rightness of the series of events this past week...   I'll write more soon, and in plain talk - pinky promise!

Meanwhile, just zoom in on these faces!!  Should I change my header photo to this one?

See what i mean? *PRICELESS PICS* I love looking at their expressions and seeing their genuine fun moment! - This stunt was totally unplanned.  They were hanging out on the driveway - just teasing, playing, and contently waiting while Ashley was taking pictures of the King & I & Cohen (Over in our side yard/Ben patio).  I'm sure one thing quickly led to another, then Ashley jumped right on it, (she 'carped' her op) and 'caught them' feeling pleased w/ their clever accomplishment!! -  

Good Times.  Although we all really do enjoy each other most of the time, any one of them will tell you that the level of contention in our household is TOO high TOO often!  We go up and down in our determination to remove the continual contention...  But I reread 2 of my favorite parenting scriptures today - they always fill me with renewed determination (at least until a fight breaks out).

 ...And ye will not suffer your children that they go hungry, or naked; neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another... But ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another and to serve one another.

*FYI*  I'm just referring there to my comment on FB last week about GOOD Photography/ers  

July 26, 2011

a glimpse of MY JULY... quick - before it's over

just a quick slice of 'summer family fun' at a glance:

each picture is worth a thousand word story - but i'll be lucky to even find the time/energy to post pictures

(reverse chronological order - so first photo below was taken at 6:55 this morning as the girls left for camp)...

26 - TUES early morn
off to YW camp for the week 
25 - MON eve
(Maya's turn at Oli's 3 ingredient tart)
nuf said
Look Mom, I'm wearing my contacts again!
It worked! - THANKS Brenda : )
delivered w/ love MON

25 - SUN
"That FUN Game"
w/ those FUN Haycock's

...3 days posted - more to come...  good night

June 28, 2011


From Sunday June 26, 2011:

22 years ago today our little fam of 4 became a FAB FIVE! 
Our Man-on-Man switched to Zone Defense! 
Blessedly, the transition was quite smooth for the King & I during those first couple of months. Some significant contributing factors were:
  1. A mellow adorable newborn
  2. A summer break (from BYU) in Logan - with amused abuelos
  3. An excited helpful 4 yr old sis
  4. A tender content 18 mth bro
...Little did we know then that baby Calvin, like his namesake, was just holding on to his BIG guns!!  By Christmastime a few months later, he was tearing up the place with his infectious cheer, his unceasing N-R-G, his 'search & destroy' prowess, and his 'cause & effect' curiosity!

Calvin, we adore you, my boy!  We admire you - and by 'we' I mean everyone within your circle of influence. We admire your Mega MIND - and your talent for acquiring, retaining, and creatively connecting massive amounts of knowlege!  (quickly and seemingly effortlessly)!  But 22 years later, Calvin, it is your HUGE heart that I love most about you...  You feel and care deeply, and I LOVE that you are both logical AND sentimental! 

Just had to post this fun collection of cousins!

May 08, 2011

Hurray for a day for all MAMAlah's!

~ By way of background/context, a decade ago in my household (as well as with my hilarious nephews and others), we never tired of watching and laughing at several sketches on the "SNL - Best of Mike Meyers" DVD! We lost track of our copy somehow - but not before incorporating a few of its fun words and phrases into our permanent household humor and vocab...

One of those words that O gleaned way back then, complete w/ its Yiddish tone, was: "Mamalah" - and she & her sibs to follow have used it ever since as a precious term of endearment for yours truly :)
(Hopefully the word LINK below will take you right to the priceless 3 min YouTube MAMAlah clip of 'Coffee Talk' w/ Linda Richmond & her[his] fellow Jewish friend who happened to bring her Mother along w/ [Madonna & Rosanne], it is to die for! and even includes the surprise cameo of Barbara en persona! like a stick of bud-dah!! No lie!).

A few days ago, (cinco de mayo, perhaps?) O sent me a screen shot of the fun verification word she happened to get... so I could see it to believe it!
Well that little gem image was worthy of a post on this rainy Mother's Day in paradise...

~ Never mind the numerous other events i coulda shoulda woulda posted during the past 6 weeks... 'Like such as': #4's magical all cello concert, K's 51st bday miracle morn (off duty) that #2 & I pulled off for him, #3's remarkable return home w/ its subsequent famfuntivities, 7's completed Chi-fu costume for his award-winning acting debut in Mulan, oh and baby C's completed quilt al fin, and H's hilarious Hipster satires (8K FB 'likes' phenomenon), 5's courage in the face of stressful AP exams, and 6's brave courage and high pain threshold in spite of a fluke malfunctioning ear piercing tool yesterday... just to name a few!

>Link to a laugh:

March 25, 2011


We've had fun celebrating you this evening, mija...  looking back all through your fun life!
   ~~  Here's just a titch  ~~  stay tuned... I'll post more  : )  I'm just getting the hang of it.

"Practically Perfect In Every Way"

She's 26 today ~ and going strong!
I was almost 26 when SHE was born
She was almost 26 when Cohen was born
Will he be almost 26 when he becomes a parent?
Will she be almost 52 when she becomes 'Grandma O'?
 Will i be there to cheer them on when I'm almost 78?
I hope so.
I hope they live nearby, don't you?

(she put up with our awful singing to her via webcam at the stroke of midnight last night, and also let us get right up in awake Cohen's face and make total fools of ourselves while we adored him)

All during her first 15 years, she eagerly welcomed each of the 6 babies with all her heart, and has never stopped being a great sister to them!

March 21, 2011

WELL DONE ! ! ! ! !

My Dearest "T.A.Y.F.O",
(Whomever you are...)


I am profoundly grateful - more than any words could ever convey - for your creative, amazing


It was such a totally sweet surprise! I can't stop thinking about it.

I only hope I can anonymously brighten someone else's life at some point the way you've brightened mine today : )



PS: For those of you who are not the "whomever" I am addressing, and want to know more details -- CALL ME, 'we'll tu-alk' - You'll LOVE it!

March 18, 2011

Did I happen to mention?

... Humor me...

I had a VERY challenging week at work, and also found out that it's going to get even harder very soon...   SO,

Seeing this a minute ago just made my  M O N T H ! !

Smile for the Camera from Olivia Knudsen on Vimeo.

February 03, 2011

more here...

While O, the new mother, recovers, KIND~KING~KURT (Knudsen) posts pleasing progress reports*... Great-Grandpa-Bob a great way, (while conveniently clicking his computer clear across country, and without waiting on O's postpartum posting delays), to welcome his handsome greatgrandson to the world! ...(the firstborn of the firstborn of his lastborn!  : )

* PS:  Promptly posting pictures is just a small part of King & Queen KNUDSEN's HUGE help here in:

February 02, 2011

SO FAR, SO GOOD - mejor dicho: SO GREAT!!

Remember 3 January's ago when 'Hermana O' was serving her heart out down in the DR, and she & I agreed that '2008 was going to be GREAT'? And then it was...

For some of us humans, silly little rhymes dance around in our minds... involuntarily! - Tacky, cheesy, trite, or pun-ny perhaps - but que nos importa - because they still bring us a healthy smile! : )       (Thumbs up! - Cherie and _?_ others LIKE smiles)

On Jan 20th, soon after I got to Knudsen's attic apartment overlooking the pond, I noticed that she had titled her list of goals for the year EXACTLY as I had!  - Hers, of course, was graphically stunning - and FRAMED beside Ben's!  While mine, not surprisingly, is on a lined 4x6 purple Post-It at my desk at work... but hey - still has me 'feeling 'Olympic' :)

So is the 'no-brainer' title dancing in your head?  
Yup, you got it:


Simple PROOF:  C J K

1 day later... * 


My GOALS for this week:
  • Cook one thing that will delight Ben and will not be anything he has already cooked better...    I know, right? Forget it!  UN-attainable!   
OK, so my more realistic GOALS are:
  • COOK (not thaw/microwave) one decent dinner - by 7pm!
  • Hold baby-nieto 1 hour or more per day
  • Continue sampling all things Trader Joe's:  Old favorites, 'Gotta try's', but particularly each and every from the 'Drenched in dark chocolate' section.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures / videos, and webcam lots w/ Provo: Grand-Papa, aunts, & uncles: ..."Quick! He's awake, look at his long, non-Ord-kids' toes! - Wait, did you get that yawn, Ohh cute - Ash wore that, remember?"...
  • Strap O to her bed!  (Ya, like i'm stronger than her, eh?)  But I'll just use my 'mom voice' - 'cuz she's got that 'obey in all things' soul
  • Finally post this! (I keep leaving laptop wanting to help or 'obey' O :)
Rough week, right? - adjusting to Grandparenthood!

*Joyful aunt Jordan came to visit Monday to meet newest nephew and do a fun Photo-Shoot!  Hooray for her skills w/ her recent B-day (Jan :) present (new camera)! - and for her love! THANK YOU, Jordan! - 
This one above is perfect!! - it's totally my screen-saver already! - (to helpi me get through my adjustment! : )

January 30, 2011

..."Seriously, SO b l e s s e d!"

b a b y  n i e t o*  K n u d s e n  i s  b o r n


*nieto is just a more fun word for grandson ;)