May 08, 2011

Hurray for a day for all MAMAlah's!

~ By way of background/context, a decade ago in my household (as well as with my hilarious nephews and others), we never tired of watching and laughing at several sketches on the "SNL - Best of Mike Meyers" DVD! We lost track of our copy somehow - but not before incorporating a few of its fun words and phrases into our permanent household humor and vocab...

One of those words that O gleaned way back then, complete w/ its Yiddish tone, was: "Mamalah" - and she & her sibs to follow have used it ever since as a precious term of endearment for yours truly :)
(Hopefully the word LINK below will take you right to the priceless 3 min YouTube MAMAlah clip of 'Coffee Talk' w/ Linda Richmond & her[his] fellow Jewish friend who happened to bring her Mother along w/ [Madonna & Rosanne], it is to die for! and even includes the surprise cameo of Barbara en persona! like a stick of bud-dah!! No lie!).

A few days ago, (cinco de mayo, perhaps?) O sent me a screen shot of the fun verification word she happened to get... so I could see it to believe it!
Well that little gem image was worthy of a post on this rainy Mother's Day in paradise...

~ Never mind the numerous other events i coulda shoulda woulda posted during the past 6 weeks... 'Like such as': #4's magical all cello concert, K's 51st bday miracle morn (off duty) that #2 & I pulled off for him, #3's remarkable return home w/ its subsequent famfuntivities, 7's completed Chi-fu costume for his award-winning acting debut in Mulan, oh and baby C's completed quilt al fin, and H's hilarious Hipster satires (8K FB 'likes' phenomenon), 5's courage in the face of stressful AP exams, and 6's brave courage and high pain threshold in spite of a fluke malfunctioning ear piercing tool yesterday... just to name a few!

>Link to a laugh: