March 25, 2011


We've had fun celebrating you this evening, mija...  looking back all through your fun life!
   ~~  Here's just a titch  ~~  stay tuned... I'll post more  : )  I'm just getting the hang of it.

"Practically Perfect In Every Way"

She's 26 today ~ and going strong!
I was almost 26 when SHE was born
She was almost 26 when Cohen was born
Will he be almost 26 when he becomes a parent?
Will she be almost 52 when she becomes 'Grandma O'?
 Will i be there to cheer them on when I'm almost 78?
I hope so.
I hope they live nearby, don't you?

(she put up with our awful singing to her via webcam at the stroke of midnight last night, and also let us get right up in awake Cohen's face and make total fools of ourselves while we adored him)

All during her first 15 years, she eagerly welcomed each of the 6 babies with all her heart, and has never stopped being a great sister to them!


Sue said...

Little Olivia... such a perfect first! Loved seeing the pictures... a walk down memory lane:)

Grandpa said...

What a nice tip down memory lane for all of us whose love for Olivia has increased each of the 26years she has been in our lives....beautiful pictures of her and her Mom. Much love to all, Grandpa.

olivia said...

thanks again MOM! it made my day! man, i wish i could have some of that cuteness back. :)

thanks grandpa! love you too!