November 11, 2011


ELEVEN bits of HEAVEN today:

  1. Woke feeling SO grateful for DAD and every other VETERAN who has served and sacrificed to help preserve our country and families... and SO grateful that we choose to observe a National Holiday in their honor... and SO grateful federal offices are CLOSED today - especially MINE  : )
  2. LOVED the priceless photo Olivia sent me via text at 10 this morning - pure JOY!!!
  3. Actually had the RARE pleasure of being home ALONE at 11:11 AM, and even began this POST while running laundry!  Total DELIGHT!
  4. So GLAD to find a way to get what cousin Aby mentioned we could bring him - Had K & Cal stop at REI in SLC for cycling pants on drive home from Centerville mid-day.  So GLAD I asked Aby to think of something - He won me over right away years ago - he is sharp and thoughtful with a 'heart-of-gold', and he'll be hosting and playing with us next week - bless him and his family! 
  5. Helped move last chunk of stuff to CLEAR a spot in garage large enough for a CAR (of all things), and helped CARmen park one in it!  CHECK!
  6. Planted an AMAZING old die-hard amaryllis bulb K found in same garage - (its new sprouts are bout 4 inches high).   
  7. ATE at J-Dawg's, after dropping J back at BYU - even thought to use StudentSaverCard for FREE AppleBeer!  (haven't had either in forever - glad K thought of stopping - they 'hit the spot' YUM!
  8. Had FUN cleaning up neglected stuff on front porch w/ Maya, (got rid of spiders and worked hard while the sun was shining) - then rewarded ourselves w/ a quick trip to Bath & BodyWorks for lotion she's been wanting since her Oct bday!  20 minute lotion FEST - and nice little gifts for other cool Guate relatives ~ CHECK!
  9. ADORED SeanBoy as he prepared for PROPOSAL to happy Hannah this evening… YES, he pulled off his superb SURPRISE with a little help from his friends, family, future in-laws, and Steve Jobs, of course : )  (He gave her a sealed iPhone box that actually contained a ring box inside - MORE fun stories to tell).
  10. RAN to Target w/ J to get bday present for Car (for Sunday) and 11 little foods/drinks to enjoy at 11:11 tonight ~ by all who were home and awake!
  11. Continued celebrating after midnight when the officially engaged ones stopped by so we could gather all around them and hear about their fun evening.

Heavenly 11-11-11


Sue said...

congrats to you on another engagement! so fun... can't wait to hear the details. good luck on your long awaited trip:) have fun!

Cherie said...

fun fun fun fun gotta get down on friday.

party'n party'n yeah.

fun to talk to you throughout the day!

what a good life! wish i could been there with you but i'll settle for 11-17-11 instead. :)