December 26, 2010

here's one

not much... as far as photo journaling the day,
but it's a start...

Allow me to continue my tribute to twenty-ten tech:  

  • The photo was taken and emailed with an ipod! 
  • It shows cool 2010 wireless "KEYtar" and cymbal(s). 
  • Although only 3 are pictured here, all 7 of us were actually playing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". The other 4 were: 3-part harmony vocals on separate microphones and one bass guitar.
  • If you were to use 2010 Tech to easily zoom in on Ashton, you would see that his 2010 Christmas Eve PJ's have Lego Batman printed on red flannel!  I KNEW he would LOVE them... I think he said they were "a dream come true".  Well, those perfect pj's practically found me!  (About a month ago, while sitting comfortably on my bed, clicking around on a friendly laptop, on awesome Amazon, who promptly shipped them to my office address - free!). 

December 25, 2010

"A voice, a chime, a chance sublime of PEACE on EARTH, goodwill toward men"

For one glorious day -- my rascals pull it together every time and behave in ways that cause me to once again REJOICE and sing their praises!!  Even more so this year - so much so, that it has caused my offspring, yea, even my very rascals, to sing harmonious praises of ALL kinds - (Even of the RockBand 3 variety)... and to praise our Father in Heaven for his truly tender mercies, and to give teary thanks for each other, and for the tremendous blessing of current technology!!

...Then peeled the simultaneous sounds of Skype (Provo-UK-NC) more loud and deep ~
"GOD is not dead, nor doth He sleep!  The wrong shall fail; the right  [and the internet connection] PREVAIL!"

-With peace on earth, goodwill, and video clips/photos to follow... 
(IF I can just find my camera, or peel my tecky rascals away from their harmonious praising long enough to upload their photos)

December 06, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Follow Up

from Calvin's side today :)

"So here's my new flat address:
Elder C. M. Juárez
18 Tennyson Lodge
Paradise Square

You all have my permission to send me stacks of little notes and fat letters.  :¬)  I'll try to reply to them.  I shall take some time every PDay for it.
I love you!
Oh!, so I'm glad you got Lynette's email.  She's awesome.  And she has ADD, like me.  I've never met so many people with ADD in England as I did in Basingstoke.  I think it's in the water.  :¬P  No.  But yeah, it was a really great time there.  Oxford will be likewise!
Y'know, it's weird to be able to talk to people.  It's weird to know what I might say, and be okay saying what I want to.  It's weird to know (sometimes) what is weird, or socially odd, or whatever.  Missionaries are weird.
So, yeah, Olivia and I had a conversation about Oxford a couple weeks ago.  I 100% told her that, were I to stay nearby, I'd be in Oxford for PDay.  Prophecy: Fulfilled  I think it's cool how things work out like that.  God sometimes answers even unvoiced prayers.
Do I really only have 4 months?  That's only 3 moves.  3 planners.  This could be my dying area.   W e i r d   Gah!  [Shakes it off.]  It's alright.  Gotta work day by day, or I lose it.

Man!, so my new companion is Elder Lam.  He's from Hong Kong, China.  China!  I only ever dreamed of having a native Chinese companion.  That's Taiwan and Hong Kong missions stuff.  It's awesome.
Elder Lam was trained in Oxford.  He came out 3 months ago.  His English is great, and so is his Mandarin, even though Cantonese is his first language.  I love trying to speak to him in Mandarin.  It's about 50% Mandarin at the moment, in normal conversation, when I'm trying.  I love it!  Today I even read almost all of D&C 88:118 aloud from the traditional Chinese characters!  God is good.

Yes, I do miss Basingstoke.  I spent 5 months in Southampton last year, actually, so basically a whole year in Hampshire, all together.  I will definitely be visiting this area many times.  Hopefully when you and Mom are available as well.  Heck, maybe Josie could come, too.  That'd be cool.

Well, there's the scoop.
I love you.
The church is true.
They rhyme with blue.
Like BYU.   (“Gutted” that they lost, eh?)


December 05, 2010

Warm Fuzzies in my inbox...

Just want to share this one i got yesterday...

"Dear Sister,

I am pleased to send you this email with news of your son.  He is moving from our ward in Basingstoke to Oxford Ward.
Oxford is a beautiful part of the country and I am sure he will be happy there although i will be sad to see him go. 

He really is a wonderful young man with excellent manners.  He is a credit to you and to his Heavenly Father.  He seems content in himself in a way so many would love, and having spoken to him, seems to have a clear sense of the path he will follow when he comes home.  He speaks of you all with obvious love and i wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the sacrifices and hard work it will have taken to raise him.

My husband is not a member and the missionaries we had here before often didn't turn up for their meal appointments.  This lead to my husband banning them from the house for several months - I had to withdraw from helping the missionaries.  Although i did not explain this to your son he was a true example of how servants of our Heavenly Father should conduct themselves.  He never tried to convert my husband but instead helped him to feel at ease with him.  I am so grateful for this, my husband has welcomed my inviting the missionaries into our home.  This is due to your son.

I hope this email finds you and your family well

Lynette R------, Basingstoke ward, Hampshire England."

My Reply:

How KIND of you to take the time to write to me!
Thank you!

I just now saw your message and quickly began reading it aloud to my children near me.   
As i read, my voice quickly changed from excited to 'choked up', as I read your wonderful words... 
My tender emotions for Elder Calvin seem to surface continually since he's been gone - (just as they did for his brother and sister while they were serving missions). 

What news could possibly be greater for any parent than to hear that their child seems to know who they are, and to have a clear sense of their own path?  (But hearing that he was good to your husband was a close second! :)
I am so glad you sent me this, I've been feeling a bit concerned for him since reading his quick few words yesterday morning, knowing he'd be struggling to meet his moving deadline.

Thanks again, and God bless you and your husband!

Cherie J----- & family

Elder CAL has been in Basingstoke (or "Amazingstoke" as he called it) for 5 months!  Oxford is about an hour north - in the same stake and zone.  Both are west of London.

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