January 07, 2010

t w e n t y ~ t e n


...be more willing to bend,
and to mend

...or to write & send,
notes w/ a cool-korea pen!

...be a much better friend,
and VTcher for precious Jen

...and to graduate! (for Oli & Ben)

...how 'bout getting to know stake YW Pres Gren

...hey maybe - to better understand men?

...or to find, buy, and enjoy tiny Sen-Sen,
and remember childhood all over again

...begin a 6 player Beehive Beetles RB trend

...try to have hope that winter will end

...and of course, freely lend

...ok, now your turn to rhyme - just post below, there's still 'den' or 'wren'
even 'Ken" - so come on then,
give it a go! I'm sure there are others I've forgot-ten,
let's see how quickly the comments total 10!

So then:

2010: is the year I'll remember when,

I said with a smile, "2008 is GREAT & 2009 is DEVINE!"


Amie said...

in 2008 I didn't loose enough weight
in 2009 my body wasn't really mine
in 2010 maybe I should try fen-fen!

Happy New Year to my Provo cousins! Love you.

Devin Ann said...

...have another baby and not name it KEN.

That was the best I could come up with? Oh well Happy New Year! Hope it's a good one:)

Cherie said...

what fun gals you are!
hey, we simply must include:

2010 for Calvin will be...
more joy in Southamp-ten, (Eng-len)
where he's now paired w/ his MTC buddy that also speaks and studies Manda-ren :)

(and also notice i added a link for Oli's tribute to handsome HUS-BEN)

Rebecca said...

I've got....noth[en]

Gerb said...

did this happEN?
I'm feeling left out agAIN! (that sort of rhymes)
But I'll be back for some feel-good zEN!

tracy said...

hello to my FREN
think we probably last were in contact in 1967 plus TEN
have thought of you ofTEN
would love to find out how you are and i've seen the lovely pictures of your KIN
from your highschool theater buddy
(sorry i couldn't get that to rhyme)