February 02, 2011

SO FAR, SO GOOD - mejor dicho: SO GREAT!!

Remember 3 January's ago when 'Hermana O' was serving her heart out down in the DR, and she & I agreed that '2008 was going to be GREAT'? And then it was...

For some of us humans, silly little rhymes dance around in our minds... involuntarily! - Tacky, cheesy, trite, or pun-ny perhaps - but que nos importa - because they still bring us a healthy smile! : )       (Thumbs up! - Cherie and _?_ others LIKE smiles)

On Jan 20th, soon after I got to Knudsen's attic apartment overlooking the pond, I noticed that she had titled her list of goals for the year EXACTLY as I had!  - Hers, of course, was graphically stunning - and FRAMED beside Ben's!  While mine, not surprisingly, is on a lined 4x6 purple Post-It at my desk at work... but hey - still has me 'feeling 'Olympic' :)

So is the 'no-brainer' title dancing in your head?  
Yup, you got it:


Simple PROOF:  C J K

1 day later... * 


My GOALS for this week:
  • Cook one thing that will delight Ben and will not be anything he has already cooked better...    I know, right? Forget it!  UN-attainable!   
OK, so my more realistic GOALS are:
  • COOK (not thaw/microwave) one decent dinner - by 7pm!
  • Hold baby-nieto 1 hour or more per day
  • Continue sampling all things Trader Joe's:  Old favorites, 'Gotta try's', but particularly each and every from the 'Drenched in dark chocolate' section.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures / videos, and webcam lots w/ Provo: Grand-Papa, aunts, & uncles: ..."Quick! He's awake, look at his long, non-Ord-kids' toes! - Wait, did you get that yawn, Ohh cute - Ash wore that, remember?"...
  • Strap O to her bed!  (Ya, like i'm stronger than her, eh?)  But I'll just use my 'mom voice' - 'cuz she's got that 'obey in all things' soul
  • Finally post this! (I keep leaving laptop wanting to help or 'obey' O :)
Rough week, right? - adjusting to Grandparenthood!

*Joyful aunt Jordan came to visit Monday to meet newest nephew and do a fun Photo-Shoot!  Hooray for her skills w/ her recent B-day (Jan :) present (new camera)! - and for her love! THANK YOU, Jordan! - 
This one above is perfect!! - it's totally my screen-saver already! - (to helpi me get through my adjustment! : )


Maya said...

Good job mommy :) I miss you and I love you.

Great photo Jordan! Thanks!

Amie said...

Sounds heavenly! Love you all!