December 05, 2011


The 6th Graders in Mrs G's class were treated to a special presentation today from Ashton - It included a a few stories, a black bean snack, a handmade souvenir for each of them, and even a 6 minute slide show!  (Compiled VERY late last night by a patient BigBro SeanMarco, complete w/ wonderful Gaby Moreno background music).  

Click HERE, then click on the play button : )   

(let me know if it works - post a comment or some such thing, k?)

December 03, 2011


Hooray!  I finally had a chance to find the first photos we took the day we left! (...beginning at the Provo gas station when we happened to see a friend).

I'm pretty sure that for most of us, leaving Provo, getting to the airport, and actually taking flight felt a little like Christmas...  that same magic or "pinch me i must be dreaming" kind of a feeling... 
And right from the 'get-go', of course MY first big thrill was watching ASHTON admire all aspects of aviation more avidly than ever before, and as a participant this time - for reals!
It was a day full of fantastic firsts for him, even down to dabbling in digital photography!  
As soon as we boarded, K & I smiled again as we discovered that his window seat gave him a perfect view of the wing, 'up close and personal'!  He asked for my camera right away and proceeded to silently and confidently capture shots of the various positions of the flaps during both our take off in SLC and our landing in Houston... 
I know for years to come, whenever i see any of these 1st day photos of him or taken by him, it'll bring back this same fun feeling of satisfaction for me.  It's also fun to think about what memories he'll end up having of all these experiences, once he's grown! 

As for today, here are only 3 from that bundle of firsts...  



December 01, 2011

December advent of PHOTOS...

Like baby birds in the nest... patiently waiting for parents to come right back and drop food in their mouths - or at least point to which restaurant we chose!