November 30, 2011


We actually DID IT!

And doing it was even MORE incredible and significant than I had hoped or imagined...

I've been really sick since we've been home, w/ one difficult ailment after another that have drained me from top & bottom :) Yet my heart & mind are still very FULL!

There is SO much I want to share and describe, yet how can I do it justice? Kind of like trying to adequately write about ANY other high level joy experience in this life that exceeds your prior expectations... Right??

However, strange as it may seem, ha ha- i DO have some fun stories, not to mention a few great photos to share! And by a 'few' i mean a combined total of a few THOUSAND!!!!!
(Not counting most of Ben's nor Calvin's that we haven't even seen yet).
Nope, I guess I'll be lucky to show & tell 3!!!
But FIRST, let me just get LESS sick and MORE computer turns...

Now it must be time for that MacBook-of-My-Own Miracle Dream to come true, R I G H T ??

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Sue said...

welcome home! hope you feel better soon.