November 30, 2010

Mijo's Merengue

As this 55 second clip begins, our STAR is at the back of the circle with his back to us ~ Enjoy watching him dance his way around to the front!!

(This is last third of the magnificent Latin Medley... It's harder to see him in the Cha Cha and Swing parts).

November 29, 2010


look out John Travolta...

He was AMAZING! -- And only 2.5 months after he took the initiative to begin after school Ballroom with his buddies... He's "getting into the groove" and having a blast! 

A total triumph tonight... in spite of the Grumpmeister's grumblings - i must say!
(At first Papa K was supportive of what he thought would be a good basic low-key dance class a few days a week... 
Ya, all that changed about as fast as a 'costume change' when the emails of instructions for parents began to come rolling in to his inbox, and we both began sensing a bit of a Ballroom Culture Shock.  I've tried to keep an open mind, for MIJO's sake.  Papa's wanted him to stop all together - for everyone's sake... ...At some point during the ONE hour between Dress Rehearsal and Call Time today, and while needing to scoop up 4 other family members and gather everyone for dinner, I'm pretty sure we heard the word "CONTEMPT" as Grumpy-K stated ("for the record") what he was feeling towards the entire "over-the-top" performance culture and those in it that "take themselves too seriously."  
Which if I recall, sounds a lot like what he's said through the years about intense and demanding marching band / flag flipping leaders or soccer coaches, etc. -- And I'll admit, sometimes he's been a bit right - and other times, like tonight - after I watched 'the boy' dance up a storm... I just think of Mama Jose, and her occasional zero tolerance for his griping.  I can CLEARLY hear her stopping him mid-sentence and calmly commanding him:
"Ay, Jorge - calmáte. Ya no digás nada." ** )

PS: We'll be uploading the video clip of this Latin medley for O & B very soon...  I'll post a link : )  Very smile-able fun.

** Spanish for: "Calm down and don't say another word

November 13, 2010

Cita's Sweet 16th

Thank you for putting up with our partying... especially that standing up on your chair while we all sing and applaud you in the restaurant thing!  And good job putting up with your one moment of clothes shopping in 2010 and quickly choosing some darling basics last week.  Thanks for sharing your treasured new "Lost Hero" w/ little bro... And we also applaud you for your grace and good nature last month with the whole beauty queen thing! 
YOU never cease to amaze us!  
(ps: Yes, you're also a very excellent driver!)