February 22, 2009


Hang on, are you still with me? i almost forgot. I'm trying, does that count? Oh, get this, i've been meaning to tell you. What? Yes, I can help, i'm almost done. You should hear the boy pray!("please bless the chance thou hast provided us"). No, let's read first! I wanted an even dozen. Yep, she'd always say, "here comes trouble". Guys, how did you know THAT? OK really i can do this. Wait a sec. It's here somewhere. It's a CLASSIC. I JUST had it. Who's at the door? No fair, you beat my high score. Keep singing, that's a great song. Did any of you see my wallet? Thanks, you're my new favorite! Help me finish this then we can play. Tell them i'll need to call them right back. You're STILL my sunshine, my zoobaleezoo. Did it record? Love you Koki, sit here in the sala, no- next to me, help me figure this out, k? Where's the pistola? Just come with us! Did a letter come today? Will you walk on my back a minute? Be excellent to each other. I apologize, really. Nope, staff mtg today but tomorrow i can. It's all good. OK, i'm listening now, go ahead.

February 14, 2009

I actually followed through


...testing testing - "one, two, three, four, five, - yuck"

(as stanley williams used to say, over AV systems in MP ward bldg)

WOW! wonder of wonders miracle of miracles...

and did you see the url? get it? huh?

¡HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! ...by the way

more to come - but don't hold me to it.