September 25, 2011

Ah... SEPTEMBER in 'PTown'

Like any other human being that has ever lived in or around Provo in any September of their life,
I LOVE living here this time of year!!  
September is just plain wonderful here and all over the 'Wasatch Front. And as usual, these past 4 weeks have flown by way TOO fast! no? 
A few of the joys that energize my mood every year are: The great weather, the bold colors on Squaw Peak and in the valley, Allred's peaches & apples, the surge of fun fall bustle, AND the great weather!  
Each short-lived fall becomes even more precious after having endured many many January's & February's in PTown... So for now, I'll SAVOR SEPTEMBER for any moment i still can!

This perfect Provo sunset - was captured by cool nephew, in almost Sept - so 'September Eve" 2008 (8-23) at 10:30 PM, on the occasion of Ben & Olivia's wedding celebration at the cherished Knudsen's cherished family home... ahh