January 07, 2010

t w e n t y ~ t e n


...be more willing to bend,
and to mend

...or to write & send,
notes w/ a cool-korea pen!

...be a much better friend,
and VTcher for precious Jen

...and to graduate! (for Oli & Ben)

...how 'bout getting to know stake YW Pres Gren

...hey maybe - to better understand men?

...or to find, buy, and enjoy tiny Sen-Sen,
and remember childhood all over again

...begin a 6 player Beehive Beetles RB trend

...try to have hope that winter will end

...and of course, freely lend

...ok, now your turn to rhyme - just post below, there's still 'den' or 'wren'
even 'Ken" - so come on then,
give it a go! I'm sure there are others I've forgot-ten,
let's see how quickly the comments total 10!

So then:

2010: is the year I'll remember when,

I said with a smile, "2008 is GREAT & 2009 is DEVINE!"