June 28, 2011


From Sunday June 26, 2011:

22 years ago today our little fam of 4 became a FAB FIVE! 
Our Man-on-Man switched to Zone Defense! 
Blessedly, the transition was quite smooth for the King & I during those first couple of months. Some significant contributing factors were:
  1. A mellow adorable newborn
  2. A summer break (from BYU) in Logan - with amused abuelos
  3. An excited helpful 4 yr old sis
  4. A tender content 18 mth bro
...Little did we know then that baby Calvin, like his namesake, was just holding on to his BIG guns!!  By Christmastime a few months later, he was tearing up the place with his infectious cheer, his unceasing N-R-G, his 'search & destroy' prowess, and his 'cause & effect' curiosity!

Calvin, we adore you, my boy!  We admire you - and by 'we' I mean everyone within your circle of influence. We admire your Mega MIND - and your talent for acquiring, retaining, and creatively connecting massive amounts of knowlege!  (quickly and seemingly effortlessly)!  But 22 years later, Calvin, it is your HUGE heart that I love most about you...  You feel and care deeply, and I LOVE that you are both logical AND sentimental! 

Just had to post this fun collection of cousins!