December 05, 2011


The 6th Graders in Mrs G's class were treated to a special presentation today from Ashton - It included a a few stories, a black bean snack, a handmade souvenir for each of them, and even a 6 minute slide show!  (Compiled VERY late last night by a patient BigBro SeanMarco, complete w/ wonderful Gaby Moreno background music).  

Click HERE, then click on the play button : )   

(let me know if it works - post a comment or some such thing, k?)


Smithclan said...

Worked for me chica. Love the last pic of Ashton and Cohen. Super sweet. Glad it came to fruition!! Big hugs Sureeze.

Cherie said...

Cool! Thx Girl - Olivia & my Dad still can't get it to play for them... Sean said he'll upload It to YouTube, I'll try to catch him home sometime.
LOVED catching up w/ you on Ballroom bleachers last month!! xoxox