February 03, 2011

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While O, the new mother, recovers, KIND~KING~KURT (Knudsen) posts pleasing progress reports*...
 ...giving Great-Grandpa-Bob a great way, (while conveniently clicking his computer clear across country, and without waiting on O's postpartum posting delays), to welcome his handsome greatgrandson to the world! ...(the firstborn of the firstborn of his lastborn!  : )

* PS:  Promptly posting pictures is just a small part of King & Queen KNUDSEN's HUGE help here in:

February 02, 2011

SO FAR, SO GOOD - mejor dicho: SO GREAT!!

Remember 3 January's ago when 'Hermana O' was serving her heart out down in the DR, and she & I agreed that '2008 was going to be GREAT'? And then it was...

For some of us humans, silly little rhymes dance around in our minds... involuntarily! - Tacky, cheesy, trite, or pun-ny perhaps - but que nos importa - because they still bring us a healthy smile! : )       (Thumbs up! - Cherie and _?_ others LIKE smiles)

On Jan 20th, soon after I got to Knudsen's attic apartment overlooking the pond, I noticed that she had titled her list of goals for the year EXACTLY as I had!  - Hers, of course, was graphically stunning - and FRAMED beside Ben's!  While mine, not surprisingly, is on a lined 4x6 purple Post-It at my desk at work... but hey - still has me 'feeling 'Olympic' :)

So is the 'no-brainer' title dancing in your head?  
Yup, you got it:


Simple PROOF:  C J K

1 day later... * 


My GOALS for this week:
  • Cook one thing that will delight Ben and will not be anything he has already cooked better...    I know, right? Forget it!  UN-attainable!   
OK, so my more realistic GOALS are:
  • COOK (not thaw/microwave) one decent dinner - by 7pm!
  • Hold baby-nieto 1 hour or more per day
  • Continue sampling all things Trader Joe's:  Old favorites, 'Gotta try's', but particularly each and every from the 'Drenched in dark chocolate' section.
  • Take lots and lots of pictures / videos, and webcam lots w/ Provo: Grand-Papa, aunts, & uncles: ..."Quick! He's awake, look at his long, non-Ord-kids' toes! - Wait, did you get that yawn, Ohh cute - Ash wore that, remember?"...
  • Strap O to her bed!  (Ya, like i'm stronger than her, eh?)  But I'll just use my 'mom voice' - 'cuz she's got that 'obey in all things' soul
  • Finally post this! (I keep leaving laptop wanting to help or 'obey' O :)
Rough week, right? - adjusting to Grandparenthood!

*Joyful aunt Jordan came to visit Monday to meet newest nephew and do a fun Photo-Shoot!  Hooray for her skills w/ her recent B-day (Jan :) present (new camera)! - and for her love! THANK YOU, Jordan! - 
This one above is perfect!! - it's totally my screen-saver already! - (to helpi me get through my adjustment! : )