June 28, 2011


From Sunday June 26, 2011:

22 years ago today our little fam of 4 became a FAB FIVE! 
Our Man-on-Man switched to Zone Defense! 
Blessedly, the transition was quite smooth for the King & I during those first couple of months. Some significant contributing factors were:
  1. A mellow adorable newborn
  2. A summer break (from BYU) in Logan - with amused abuelos
  3. An excited helpful 4 yr old sis
  4. A tender content 18 mth bro
...Little did we know then that baby Calvin, like his namesake, was just holding on to his BIG guns!!  By Christmastime a few months later, he was tearing up the place with his infectious cheer, his unceasing N-R-G, his 'search & destroy' prowess, and his 'cause & effect' curiosity!

Calvin, we adore you, my boy!  We admire you - and by 'we' I mean everyone within your circle of influence. We admire your Mega MIND - and your talent for acquiring, retaining, and creatively connecting massive amounts of knowlege!  (quickly and seemingly effortlessly)!  But 22 years later, Calvin, it is your HUGE heart that I love most about you...  You feel and care deeply, and I LOVE that you are both logical AND sentimental! 

Just had to post this fun collection of cousins!


Sue said...

happy birthday to Calvin! LOVE the pics - what a fun walk down memory lane:)

Kara said...

It is so fun to see pictures of your family when everyone was younger!

olivia said...

yes, MAJOR KUDOS to getting to the going through, the scanning, the uploading, the posting!

and some kudos to calvin, too, for his big 22 i guess... :)

still holding out for the johnny jumper shot!

Linda said...

Hello, Cherie! I loved reading your post and seeing the great pictures. Take a peek at http://www.sargeo.blogspot.com/ to see the beginning of our own "brown bunch." (I remember that signature on a Christmas card from you eons ago!) :)