July 26, 2011

a glimpse of MY JULY... quick - before it's over

just a quick slice of 'summer family fun' at a glance:

each picture is worth a thousand word story - but i'll be lucky to even find the time/energy to post pictures

(reverse chronological order - so first photo below was taken at 6:55 this morning as the girls left for camp)...

26 - TUES early morn
off to YW camp for the week 
25 - MON eve
(Maya's turn at Oli's 3 ingredient tart)
nuf said
Look Mom, I'm wearing my contacts again!
It worked! - THANKS Brenda : )
delivered w/ love MON

25 - SUN
"That FUN Game"
w/ those FUN Haycock's

...3 days posted - more to come...  good night

1 comment:

olivia said...

thanks for the photos! CLASSIC of carmen & maya! need to hear more about the tie-dye, and jealous about your fun haycock time and nice shirt ashton!!!