April 06, 2010


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We love you Mr Guatemalteco!
We missed you 'something fierce.'
We love cousin Debora.
We're glad you & Chino made it to Mario's wedding.
We're glad you took lots of photos.
We're grateful you're home safe.
We LOVE how grateful you feel for US, for Guate childhood, and for USA adulthood!
We MUST ALL go back to Guate SOON...
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April 03, 2010

Encore of OLIVIA


Right after her first few words, the first song Olivia sang was:
"If You Chance To Meet A Frown, Do Not Let It Stay..."
And she's been smiling our frowns away ever since!
I just can't imagine the past 25 years (half a lifetime for me) without this amazing girl.
Everyone that has ever known her sings her praises, and i join in each of their songs!!

So so sorry for the belated and encore tribute here, hija mia, but SO glad we golden partied with golden style with you and all. Thanks for that bright spot in an otherwise pressure-filled week for everyone!!

April 01, 2010

F E L I Z ~ F I F T Y

GUATE style!!!!
(huge thanks to sweet sobrinas)

~ Jorge Moisés Juárez ~

BORN 31 MARCH 1960

we LOVE you ~ we MISS you!!

Here's a link to more Koki in San Marcos photos.