December 06, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Follow Up

from Calvin's side today :)

"So here's my new flat address:
Elder C. M. Juárez
18 Tennyson Lodge
Paradise Square

You all have my permission to send me stacks of little notes and fat letters.  :¬)  I'll try to reply to them.  I shall take some time every PDay for it.
I love you!
Oh!, so I'm glad you got Lynette's email.  She's awesome.  And she has ADD, like me.  I've never met so many people with ADD in England as I did in Basingstoke.  I think it's in the water.  :¬P  No.  But yeah, it was a really great time there.  Oxford will be likewise!
Y'know, it's weird to be able to talk to people.  It's weird to know what I might say, and be okay saying what I want to.  It's weird to know (sometimes) what is weird, or socially odd, or whatever.  Missionaries are weird.
So, yeah, Olivia and I had a conversation about Oxford a couple weeks ago.  I 100% told her that, were I to stay nearby, I'd be in Oxford for PDay.  Prophecy: Fulfilled  I think it's cool how things work out like that.  God sometimes answers even unvoiced prayers.
Do I really only have 4 months?  That's only 3 moves.  3 planners.  This could be my dying area.   W e i r d   Gah!  [Shakes it off.]  It's alright.  Gotta work day by day, or I lose it.

Man!, so my new companion is Elder Lam.  He's from Hong Kong, China.  China!  I only ever dreamed of having a native Chinese companion.  That's Taiwan and Hong Kong missions stuff.  It's awesome.
Elder Lam was trained in Oxford.  He came out 3 months ago.  His English is great, and so is his Mandarin, even though Cantonese is his first language.  I love trying to speak to him in Mandarin.  It's about 50% Mandarin at the moment, in normal conversation, when I'm trying.  I love it!  Today I even read almost all of D&C 88:118 aloud from the traditional Chinese characters!  God is good.

Yes, I do miss Basingstoke.  I spent 5 months in Southampton last year, actually, so basically a whole year in Hampshire, all together.  I will definitely be visiting this area many times.  Hopefully when you and Mom are available as well.  Heck, maybe Josie could come, too.  That'd be cool.

Well, there's the scoop.
I love you.
The church is true.
They rhyme with blue.
Like BYU.   (“Gutted” that they lost, eh?)



olivia said...

looooove that calvin. looooove native companions. ;)

Sue said...

he sounds so great... and only 4 months left! ah!