December 26, 2010

here's one

not much... as far as photo journaling the day,
but it's a start...

Allow me to continue my tribute to twenty-ten tech:  

  • The photo was taken and emailed with an ipod! 
  • It shows cool 2010 wireless "KEYtar" and cymbal(s). 
  • Although only 3 are pictured here, all 7 of us were actually playing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". The other 4 were: 3-part harmony vocals on separate microphones and one bass guitar.
  • If you were to use 2010 Tech to easily zoom in on Ashton, you would see that his 2010 Christmas Eve PJ's have Lego Batman printed on red flannel!  I KNEW he would LOVE them... I think he said they were "a dream come true".  Well, those perfect pj's practically found me!  (About a month ago, while sitting comfortably on my bed, clicking around on a friendly laptop, on awesome Amazon, who promptly shipped them to my office address - free!). 

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Rebecca said...

Isn't Amazon the best?! I love it. Incidentally, Doug received (and refused) a nice offer to work there a few years ago...despite the many perks of being an Amazon employee! But hey, we ended up back in Utah a year after that, so I guess that's the trade-off.