December 25, 2010

"A voice, a chime, a chance sublime of PEACE on EARTH, goodwill toward men"

For one glorious day -- my rascals pull it together every time and behave in ways that cause me to once again REJOICE and sing their praises!!  Even more so this year - so much so, that it has caused my offspring, yea, even my very rascals, to sing harmonious praises of ALL kinds - (Even of the RockBand 3 variety)... and to praise our Father in Heaven for his truly tender mercies, and to give teary thanks for each other, and for the tremendous blessing of current technology!!

...Then peeled the simultaneous sounds of Skype (Provo-UK-NC) more loud and deep ~
"GOD is not dead, nor doth He sleep!  The wrong shall fail; the right  [and the internet connection] PREVAIL!"

-With peace on earth, goodwill, and video clips/photos to follow... 
(IF I can just find my camera, or peel my tecky rascals away from their harmonious praising long enough to upload their photos)


Sue said...

like I said... if only i could have half of your brain:)

Sandy said...

Glad it was great!