November 13, 2010

Cita's Sweet 16th

Thank you for putting up with our partying... especially that standing up on your chair while we all sing and applaud you in the restaurant thing!  And good job putting up with your one moment of clothes shopping in 2010 and quickly choosing some darling basics last week.  Thanks for sharing your treasured new "Lost Hero" w/ little bro... And we also applaud you for your grace and good nature last month with the whole beauty queen thing! 
YOU never cease to amaze us!  
(ps: Yes, you're also a very excellent driver!)


Richard said...

What a terrific young woman!

Sue said...

We love you Carmencita! Happy Birthday to our beauty queen:)

Gerb said...

How do I forget that Carmen and Elle are just a couple of days apart? Happy 16 to Carmen... and could you ask her to encourage Elle to at least get her permit sometime soon? (What is wrong with my kids? Why don't they want to drive?!)

Cherie said...

Gerb... Maybe if you put fire under Carmen and I put fire under Elle... They can BOTH get permits!! (My kids have the same odd aversion... Other than the 2 blocks to church).