November 29, 2010


look out John Travolta...

He was AMAZING! -- And only 2.5 months after he took the initiative to begin after school Ballroom with his buddies... He's "getting into the groove" and having a blast! 

A total triumph tonight... in spite of the Grumpmeister's grumblings - i must say!
(At first Papa K was supportive of what he thought would be a good basic low-key dance class a few days a week... 
Ya, all that changed about as fast as a 'costume change' when the emails of instructions for parents began to come rolling in to his inbox, and we both began sensing a bit of a Ballroom Culture Shock.  I've tried to keep an open mind, for MIJO's sake.  Papa's wanted him to stop all together - for everyone's sake... ...At some point during the ONE hour between Dress Rehearsal and Call Time today, and while needing to scoop up 4 other family members and gather everyone for dinner, I'm pretty sure we heard the word "CONTEMPT" as Grumpy-K stated ("for the record") what he was feeling towards the entire "over-the-top" performance culture and those in it that "take themselves too seriously."  
Which if I recall, sounds a lot like what he's said through the years about intense and demanding marching band / flag flipping leaders or soccer coaches, etc. -- And I'll admit, sometimes he's been a bit right - and other times, like tonight - after I watched 'the boy' dance up a storm... I just think of Mama Jose, and her occasional zero tolerance for his griping.  I can CLEARLY hear her stopping him mid-sentence and calmly commanding him:
"Ay, Jorge - calmáte. Ya no digás nada." ** )

PS: We'll be uploading the video clip of this Latin medley for O & B very soon...  I'll post a link : )  Very smile-able fun.

** Spanish for: "Calm down and don't say another word

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Sue said...

This post just makes me smile! I can't wait to see the video clip - he clearly has talent and loves it:)