October 10, 2010

ten ten ten

Tiny TOP 10 today: (quick random thoughts for this 10:10 moment)

 1)  Fun family time - (especially planning Fall Break drive to sweet Ashley's big day)
 2)  Yummyness of Allred's apples, nectarines and peaches
 3)  Over a decade of amazing Asa & Jen & 5 precious A's right close by! ...but soon no more :'(
 4)  Carmen's courage last night (photos to phollow soon)
 5)  Fantastic Fox quotes again tonight... a few minutes of the digital copy on the iMAC
 6)  2010 technology - and Sean home! (not only for his serious skills :)
 7)  FALL in PROVO
 8)  Perfect Pan Dulce after church... (WHY didn't i buy more from "La Antigua"??)
 9)  New karate kid kung fu smarts in China!... good actor that little Will.
10) 11/11/11 feels a long way off... (which is just what i said about 10/10/10 on 09/09/09!)

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