October 08, 2010

14 and Feelin' Fine!

Half dozen 8th grade women + One Cabin = Love you mucho Maya! (Thank you Sandy!!)

Perfect Kodak moment.

Yes folks, that really was the temperature. (but the time was an hour later) It only went up 7 degrees from the time we got there to the time we left. They had some nice dog piles to keep 'em warm.

Hey everybody. This is the birthday girl herself. Mom wanted me to post how the night went down. 

Mom got home and we left to gather the girls. Once we had all of them, we drove to Heber to pick up the pizza's and then we made our way up to Timberlakes. When we got there we turned on an electric heater, and we snuggled up with blankets. We had sweatshirts (thank goodness) but it was still very cold. Then mom tried to turn on the furnace, and I'm not sure she had much success. We still had fun, even in 55 degree weather. We explored the loft, and the really high area, and loved every minute of it. We ate pizza, and sweet tooth fairy cupcakes, and played SPOONS! The best part of that game, was watching Korynn's face after she realized that she was the one left without one. Hahaha! We also went upstairs and played Psychiatrist. That was LOADS of fun! But the finale was definitely grand. Singing hairspray songs all the way down, especially "The New Girl in Town" which we happened to play just about 50 times all of us singing at the top of our lungs. Great memories.

the only drawback was:
I was only allowed to invite 5 besties, which was very hard for me. 

 The rest of it was pitch perfect! 

thanks mommy and papa for letting me turn 14 with style!

And a special thanks to aunt Sandy who was willing to let me celebrate in a HIP place!

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Sue said...

Happy Happy birthday miss Maya! We love you!!