January 13, 2011


Speaking of "half a lifetime" ago, these 2 December Dudes first met 12 Decembers ago ('98), only a few days after they turned 11.  (Born 2 days apart).  Hey, wow - they've officially been buddies for more of their lives than they haven't!  ...And remember when they began their boy bonding by teasing and calling each other names like "4 Eyes" and "Yee-oh"?  But how fortunate they've been to have a fine FRIEND, only a few houses away! - How cool is that? They've shared it all: StarCraft, Scouting, Farrer, Fast Offerings, PHS Bands, Graduation, BYU, Missions, to name a few - and now they both have girlfriends named HANNAH!  
I think I see HALO's on seasoned RM's celebrating 23rds while still 'chillin' with the XBOX!
ALSO: I spy the amaryllis!!
(I haven't been able to access the close-up shots for the past 2 nights, so just a sneak peek for now).  But here's more "I SPY" fun from above: 1) Deb's (20 yr old?) embroidery gift. 2) Carmen's personalized Playmobil fam lined up on display. (Remind me to post close-ups of each of us, including Skitza)

Knudsen-Baker STAR for the KING!... as soon as i saw this one, i thought of him - I remembered a nice date night moment (for me, at least) almost a year ago in Pier 1, when he patiently helped me find something to brighten my new corner office spot... as a bonus we got these 3 cool ceramic balls for home. So for the record, 'Grumpy Koki' is really 'Kind KING' inKognito - and now this star hangs in our front window to continually remind me of that! 

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olivia said...

sure glad you're doing this post thing. you hadn't told me about the fun star connection! that's so fun.

and fun epiphany about travis and sean being friends for longer than they haven't. they really are lucky...