January 11, 2011

Remember December ~ Daily Dose?

...So I said to myself, "Self, how's about a little New Year's Resolution 'like such as' this one?":
Beginning today, 1/11/11, (I just had to type that date again for the last time before midnight, we need to savor any little thrill we come across these days) - I will post at least one 'Remember December 2010' photo per day for the rest of the month of January 2011! ...I think i can i think i can!

"El Amor de mi vida ha sido tu, el amor de mi vida sigue siendo tu..." 

Although the KING & I were over the top Love-y-Dovey during our l - o - n - g courtship, let's fast forward a half a lifetime - These days our moments are monopolized by managing of the many- minute by minute, especially in December- especially the week before the week leading to Christmas. (Or 'School Concert' week, as it could affectionately be called in my household).  But hey, at least this year the schools didn't double book us on Thursday the 16th, so we didn't have to do the usual 'divide and conquer' thing and we actually got to be together, just the 2 of us.  During our date, we smoothly stopped by the uncharacteristically uncrowded PHS auditorium and briefly paused our good conversation in time to enjoy amazing music by Carmen's top group, then slipped away again and continued.  (We didn't even have to go through the familiar inpatient wait afterward while our young musicians go to packed music rooms to pack instruments before making their way to the car). 

But wait, even before all that, here's the really good part:
Out of the blue, the KING totally surprised me this year!  He came to the delivery door at my office, and brought me the most beautiful Amaryllis EVER!  Seriously, the bulb was done up in a nice basket, and just kept blooming and blooming for over 3 weeks!! - (insert photo HERE). Then he took me out to lunch! (to a place that he knows I like and he usually avoids). 
After the concert we went to check out the movies - could NOT believe how many good possibilities to choose from :)  We chose one we hadn't even heard of prior to that moment - and had fun with it. PLUS we practically had the place to ourselves!

So #27 in 2010 will not soon be forgotten! 
(Even though i did forgot to give him the cool anniversary present I had for him til Christmas Eve! - insert photo HERE - and thanks to Eli's Ashley, for both her patience & artistic abilities) 

Ready?...  Ahh, look!

December 16, 1983  
(White lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we were on our way!)

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olivia said...

oooh, fun. I'm excited for this. I think I might benefit even more than you. What a good way to stay out of the January slumps.

Yay for DEC 16 1983!!