March 09, 2010

There is a curious paradox...

I finally went to see "the Fantasticks" at PHS tonight -
I've always loved that little musical, ever since Sandra took me to see it when i was young - I remember being so excited to go because of what she had told me about it, and because i liked the songs I'd heard from it.

I often forget how much i LOVE going to plays... surprising?, I know - coming from this drama QUEEN, right? However, we must remember that I am also the textbook ADHD queen - ...which translated means:

I LIVE IN THE MOMENT; living ONLY whatever happens to be right in my face at any given time, and not just living it a little bit, but completely! And yes, I know what you're thinking: even many things in my face at once - the same applies. As long as it has found a way to secure a spot in my face, I'm living it fully too.

But wonderful, enriching, worthwhile things like plays, vacations, 'wholesome recreational activities', celebrations, or even just a drive to Magna or Alpine to say, "Hey, i miss you - here's your Christmas present! - let's go get some lunch" - are just NOT on the beaten path of my face, therefore they usually don't stand a chance!...

Unless a caring someone - puts them right in front of my face long enough to secure my attention, or patiently prys me away from several of the things that already have, then diligently helps get my face to whatever i want to live next!

...OUCH! The first word that comes to mind after describing the harsh reality above is: EFFORT. The next words are: GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION - for loved ones and friends that have made that effort on my behalf for over 50 years!! -

And believe me, if anyone knows what you've gone through to help get my face to what we want me to live next, I DO!!...
YES - Because it has not been enough for ME to be challenged in this way in this life, NOPE - the 'kicker sir' (1) is that i have the 'opportunity' of bravely parenting several children who require the same!! - All while attempting to keep our critical concept of SELF WORTH in tact!

But hey -- BRING IT ON -- 'I'm feeling very Olympic' (2) tonight.

WAIT - I digress. (i should have interjected a TANGENT ALERT sign way back there).

'The FANTASTICKS'! Remember? - That's where I was actually going with this.
Refresher: Mostly a comedy - Next door neighbors want their kids to fall in love, so they tell them not to, and build a wall between the 2 homes... Their plan works, the kids marry blissfully, then reality sets in, they find out their fathers were behind it all along, so they split and try to find happiness out in the superficial 'real' world, only to come back around to each other - more wise - more grateful.
But along their journey they come across this trouble maker character, 'El Gallo', several times in several ways. (same character is also the narrator)

I liked hearing El Gallo's little rhyme before the last song, but couldn't remember it right after he said it, let alone after the song... So I 'Googled' it!

"There is a curious paradox
That no one can explain.

Who understands the secret
Of the reaping of the grain?

Who understands why spring is born
Out of winter’s laboring pain?

Or why we all must die a bit
Before we grow again.

I do not know the answer.
I merely know it’s true.

I hurt them for that reason
And myself a little bit too."

A good reminder of the benefits of adversity.

Just that.

1. Anastatia 2. Cool Runnings


Heather said...

Love this post, Cherie!

Related to it so much, both the ADHD part (though my variety comes without the "H". I'd love to have that kind of energy!) and the curious paradox part. I've been thinking about this a lot.

Cherie said...

thanks Heather! How fun that you even saw this!! -- And yes, sadly, no 'H' part for me either - But HOORAY for Adderall! though... a major blessing of living in our time! - life would be way more crazy w/out it :) ...don't know how i could've pulled off this career thing the past decade while also raising a family w/out it either. yep, good drugs :) that's what it boils down to