March 11, 2010

hApPy BdAy BIG brother BRIGHAM

I wish I could post one of his classic Jr High school pictures here, complete with early '60's Beetles bangs - but this photo happens to be a mano on this laptop tonight -- and I'm already a day late in posting this!

Mr Baby Boomer Brig has been MY buddy since i was born! Then as i grew up i began to realize that everyone who knew him genuinely felt he was THEIR buddy too - and all of us were right!

Our parents had 5 kids in 7 years; he's the oldest - I'm the youngest. So he was my protector, peacemaker, and even patient playmate many times.

OK - so - people may find this HARD to believe- but truly, when I was little, I was pretty much a 'pain in the petutti' to have around!! So when others (understandably) lost their patience with me, HE would calmly interest me and include me in whatever fun he was having. He's always been great about including anyone around him - he & Tara both personify 'abundance mentality'!!

When he and my next older brother, Dan were young, 'grown-ups' often described them as "always on the go" - and they pretty much still are! And, of course, like every little sister, I loved tagging along... They were always going and doing and building (skate boards, skim boards, go-karts, even a dune buggy) and laughing and inventing and wrestling and little league-ing, footballing, boxing, (Wow - i just now thought of a closet they had in their bedroom with a half-sized door FULL of sports equiptment - and smelled of musty leather from baseball mits and boxing gloves!!).

I also remember wrestling matches Sue and I, (the "little girls") would have with them - They began on their knees while we got to stand. I would climb all over them; tugging, pushing, pulling, until I was red in the face and sweaty, and they would still pin me effortlessly. Sandra was the ref! -We had to have a pitcher of lemonade ready for our cool off breaks.

I don't remember how Brig was first exposed to SOCCER... but he took to it like a fish to water! (And YES, he loves fishing as much as Soccer). He was passionate about soccer and highly skilled at it before most of the US had ever played the game, and also before any high school had a team! I remember going with him to the school in our neighborhood before his mission (?) and being facinated as he headed the ball repeatedly as easily as someone else dribbles a basketball!

And I wasn't the only one impressed with his serious skills... But even HE was surprised to see a candid close up photo of himself (heading a ball) on the cover of "Soccer World" magazine. He soon became a star on BYU's team in the early days of their soccer program (pre scholarships, unfortunately). I LOVED reading articles about him in the Daily Universe, especially his final season, fall '77 ~ my freshman year.


One last thing - speaking of the Beatles - The whole world loved watching them not only because of their amazing guitar talent and catchy tunes, but also because it was FUN to sense and see how much fun THEY were having as they performed!
THAT's what it's like being around Brig! -- It's enjoyable because of ALL HE enjoys!

MARCH 10th '52 ~ a day the world became a better place
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Sue said...

Amen! What a great brother he is! You have such an amazing memory... lots of fun stuff I never would have thought of. Happy happy to Brig:)

Amie said...

You do have a great memory! That was so fun to read. You captured him perfectly. He is such a loving man. Happy Birthday Uncle Brig!

Amie said...

p.s. does anyone have a copy of that Soccer World? I'm sure there are a few of us who'd love to see it.

Grandpa said...

Very well said, Cherie. Brig has been and continues to be a rich blessing in all of our lives. Many times he was the peace maker in the home without a mother.s care. I enjoyed your memories.
Love you all. Dad

Gerb said...

I'm a bit late in commenting but I had to tell you that I love this picture of you and have come back to look at it a few times. I just realized that it is so very YOU because you are happy, smiling, and you look like you don't want to stop talking long enough for the picture to be taken.

I hope you know that was a compliment. There is no other Cherie in this world like you and I love being your friend.