April 06, 2009

PS conference weekend is the BEST

it's great.

I've always loved it!  I don't even mind if the wather is bad. no church clothes. no rush. comfy cosy on the couch. journals, bingos, warm croisants dipped in Pero. even grumpy koki wanting to fast forward the motab claiming their style takes away from the good spirit for him.  (fast forward becomes an option once we've occasionally tivo rewound to see a relative singing or hear a good quote again)

and by the way, i posted the cheesecake recipe on the ord blog


Amie said...

I LOVE conference weekend too. The no church clothes part is awesome, cuddling with Daddy all day is great, listening to a prophet's voice can't be beat, and of course the style-less choir always amazes! LOVE IT!

Sue said...

Ditto! Only at our house it's
"Fluffy Apple Pancake" on Conference morning....