April 05, 2009

the culmination of the march madness birthdays

'O' made it home from NYC safe and sound with souveniers.

i miraculously woke early early on tuesday the 31st. so early that i was able to fix an elaborate feast for his breakfast, wake all 5 offspring, and sing together to him at 6:15 before jo left for her earlymornseminary. once in a marriage impressive.
'K' usually opts not to eat before leaving each morning at 7:15 - but he LOVED his embelished eggs, sauces, steak, black beans, sauted onions, guacamole, etc etc - but loved the break from his usual chore of waking very deep sleepers even more! After work we decided to not eat out until Friday when o & b could join us. He & I still enjoyed a drive that evening to look at potential rentals for sale near campus, and a stop at office max as well. (it doesn't take much to please us while spending a moment of uninterrupted time together.)
i took the day off friday to join him for his usual free and busy friday. 
He waited patiently for his requested 'deluxe baked cheesecake'... a 2-day perfection that simply can not be rushed! I'll post a link to the illustrated recipe soon. we enjoyed it today between sessions.
i even got my wish of giving baskets today instead of next Sunday morn - too many more important things next weekend.  hooray for my bunny helpers.
enjoy the photos, because there's no more time to type... #7 is waiting for me to play egg charades!
(thanks for the gentle nudge to post, maya)

photos uploaded in reverse order, oh well.

(thanks j & car)


Amie said...

Baskets a week early! My kids would be so jealous. Can't wait for the cheesecake recipe. That cake looks/sounds delicious! We're looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. :)

Sue said...

I am so impressed... I don't think I could ever tackle a 2 day cheesecake! What a sister:)