March 15, 2009



What's not to LOVE about this girl??

Guatemala was heaven for Josie! Having her home has been heaven for us!

While she was there she was showered with love by everyone - but especially by Megan & Elise and their husbands and inlaws, and by Noelia & Chino, and a bit by an otherwise engaged grandfather, but especially by Sarah ~ Megan & Julio's precious 1 year old that you can see if you click above on the photo of Josie -I hear that Melinda & Chino plan to move to San Marcos as soon as their 'babies', Lee & Logan (17 yr olds) are on their own -  I think grandparenthood is pretty much their newfound purpose for living!

What's not to LOVE about this country?

Josie arrived home safely Thursday evening after having left Guatemala City on a 6 am flight.  She bravely went through customs in Houston, then went on to LA for another couple of hours in the airport before her final flight home.  She's a pro traveler now, there'll be no stopping her.  Actually she's anxious for us all to return to Guate for a visit SOON.  
Her plans for summer are filling up fast, even without any travel plans (other than a bus to girl's camp, or a bus to perform in a parade). She's also submitting her registration for SOAR.  She wrote her autobiographical essay while she was in Guate, and included what the time down there has meant to her - I'll tell her to post it to her blog.  I can't believe it's been 2 years already since Karli wrote hers, and went... and 3 years for Calvin, 4 for Sean, and 7 for Olivia.  Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future.

PS: One month and counting for Calvin and Mandarin heaven.  


Scooter Trash said...
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Amie said...

So glad she's home safe. That picture of her is A-DOR-ABLE!

Sue said...

Welcome home Josie! Sounds like it was a great experience!