March 05, 2009

happy half year

i like this one, and i love these two

we don't have enough pictures of this wonderful part of their august 5 day. i know we rookie juárez's were wrapped in the moment and even forgot to turn on our camera for sean! (shameful) - but i think friends and other family took several, i just don't remember seeing or storing them.  ... yup, we shoulda had amazing ashley there too, huh?
i'm grateful all over again today and every day for the Knudsen's - for their love, wisdom, generosity, humor, sincerity, hospitality, culinary passions, faith, example, acceptance, 
and especially for their BENJAMIN CLARK!

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Rebecca said...

Cherie! How we love you and feel blessed beyond words to be a part of your family and take Olivia into ours. Thank you for that wonderful day!