August 20, 2009

our first day at school ~ we're eager little learners...

INSERT the Priceless pictures of my PHS & Dixon Dot's and my Timp Wakko right here...
but not right now, silly... it's a school night, and it's past my bedtime.

Yakko: School!
Dot : School!
Wakko: School!
YW+D : Schoo-oo-oo-oo-ool!

YW+D : Our first day at school
We're eager little learners
So fill our brains with lots of facts
Our first day at school.

Yakko: Teach!
Dot : Teach!
Wakko: Teach!
YW+D :
We're ready for our lessons
So teach us Math, Geometry
Don't forget Geography
English Lit. and Chemistry
And please throw in the A-B-C's.
Oh, teacher, teach us nooooow!

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