July 20, 2009

Have i mentioned lately that i LOVE being in YW??

Young Women
Blessings of Camp

Camp graphic

When young women return home from participating in camp, they can have an improved understanding of their identity and of their relationship with Heavenly Father —an understanding similar to Moses’ after his experience on the mountaintop (see Moses 1:1 – 25)

This understanding will lead young women to:

  • Continue to seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost: “For his Spirit hath not altogether withdrawn from me.” (Moses 1:15)
  • Resist temptation and make righteous choices: “I can judge between thee [Satan] and God” (v.15)
  • Pray: “I will not cease to call upon God” (v. 18)
  • Be worthy of the direction and companionship of the Holy Ghost: “Being filled with the Holy Ghost” (v. 24).
  • Rely on the Savior’s strengthening power: “Thou shalt be made stronger” (v. 25).

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Sue said...

ahh... camp! just nothing like it.